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Interpretive staffing support for the busiest season on record

GTA Associate Luxianna Watkins joined Grand Teton National Park full time in 2021 as a media associate.In this role, she works on a variety of print and digital projects to create engaging, informative, and enjoyable media for the park and help visitors memories for a lifetime.

Supporting the education and interpretive needs of increased visitation

GTA supports the publication of educational and interpretive materials for all our partner agencies as they meet the changing needs of visitors. During the COVID pandemic, visitation to public lands dramatically increased. Often this was a first time visitor to public lands. In response, Grand Teton Association developed this resource to deepen visitors understanding of the differences in land use regulations with our three agency partners.

Spreading Teton Creativity Throughout the World

Mountain towns often have a way of attracting fiercely independent creatives, and Jackson Hole is no exception. Grand Teton Association began to take note of the many local artists in the area, and to envision what it would look like to bring their creativity into their retail locations. Not only would this be more environmentally friendly, it would also support and help boost the local “makers” economy.

Supported Interpretive Programming

Supported interpretive programming on the National Elk Refuge by funding three Naturalists, who hosted 1,500 participants for programming both on and off-site.

Enabled Cultural Programming

Enabled cultural programming in the national park in the form of the Guest Artist Program, one of the only cultural programs to run in 2020.

Educated Visitors

Educated visitors through volunteers at the Snake River, helping it lead the nation with its river operations-COVID-19 safety standards.

National Elk Refuge Employee Housing

With GTA support, the team at the National Elk Refuge relocated and renovated a donated house through a partnership with Shacks on Racks to provide housing for permanent employees.

GTA’s Sustainability Efforts

GTA steps up their environmental efforts.Part of the privilege of supporting the vibrant future of this incredible landscape means that GTA’s daily decisions have a great impact on the long term health of the area. GTA takes their stewardship role of this place very seriously.