Spreading Teton Creativity Throughout the World

Mountain towns often have a way of attracting fiercely independent creatives, and Jackson Hole is no exception. Grand Teton Association began to take note of the many local artists in the area, and to envision what it would look like to bring their creativity into their retail locations. Not only would this be more environmentally friendly, it would also support and help boost the local “makers” economy.

GTA decided to launch the Grand Teton Art Project, an initiative to begin featuring this local artwork in goods that could be purchased by many of the 2.6 million visitors the area receives every year. The first featured artist was illustrator and muralist Haley Badenhop. Haley had begun making a name for herself through a number of murals that had graced a few blank walls on the streets of Jackson. She was excited to work on the assignment, which was to create an educational illustration of the Teton Range to help visitors learn the names of each peak. The beautiful resulting illustration was placed on a number of eco-friendly items, including organic cotton shirts, hats, and reusable drinkware, which were placed in a number of retail locations including the Jackson Hole airport. Not only did the pieces sell very well (748 products sold so far as of June, 2020), GTA was able to further environmental practices within the area, as well as put some money back into the pocket of a local artist. A win on all fronts!