Educated Visitors

Educated visitors through volunteers at the Snake River, helping it lead the nation with its river operations-COVID-19 safety standards.

Grand Teton Guide

The Grand Teton Guide offers vital information to every visitor of the park. GTA helps produce these comprehensive guides to provide year-round single and multi-day visitors with up to date information on natural history, visitation considerations, and scheduled events. The Grand Teton Guide continues to be one of the best ways to reach everyday visitors and enhance their park visit. In 2020, GTA printed and distributed 250,000 copies of the Grand Teton Guide, 10,000 backcountry guides, and 7,000 Junior Ranger Booklets and
Badges to national park visitors.

Elk GPS Collar Research

Grand Teton Association continued its partnership with the National Elk Refuge by providing funds to purchase GPS collars for cow elk in order to provide important location information. Elk location data collected from the collars help wildlife managers map elk movement and habitat use, design hunting seasons to meet objectives, monitor the effects of wolves on elk density, and evaluate the effects of elk density on potential disease transmission.

BTNF Forest Friends Ambassador Program

Sponsored by Grand Teton Association, Friends of the Bridger-Teton became a freestanding 501(c)3 in 2019. Through education and community mobilization, Friends of the Bridger Teton partners closely with the BTNF staff to address increasing visitor use at areas like Spread Creek, Toppings Lake, and Shadow Mountain through signage, a volunteer camping ambassador program, and other infrastructure supports.